It’s weird how that works…

November 1, 2008 at 11:44 pm (General)

I just recently read Darwin’s Radio by Greg Bear. The book is about a disease that is written into our DNA and later gets activated. It’s causing women to miscarry and the fetuses look grotesque… it turns into a world-wide epidemic. The story was quite fascinating… but what was even more interesting was a piece of synchronicity that occurred while I was reading this book.

The book was talking about how a lot of information about genetics was discovered by studying flies. That evening, I was talking with somebody about Sarah Palin, who, while talking about needing to do more for those with special needs, suggested we cut funding for things like… studying flies.

This happens to me CONSTANTLY, though. Something I’m reading about will occur in real life or something related to it will “cross my path”. Isn’t it weird how that happens?


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