Giving away a three-month subscription to Paperspine!

July 10, 2008 at 7:18 pm (Contests)

<cancelled due to lack of entries>

I did, however, want to leave this post up because of Dewey’s comments.



  1. dew said,

    Oh, what a cool idea! This should get them lots of word of mouth publicity.

    I’m not going to enter because I already joined, and I’m already getting referral bonuses, so I’ll get some free months anyway. But I want to tell you that I am trying both paperspine and bookswim, and so far I like paperspine much more for several reasons. Maybe I’ll just list them here so people entering your contest will see that paperspine rocks!

    1. The site loads noticeably more quickly than bookswim and doesn’t keep freezing up/ dying like bookswim does.

    2. They have way more of the books I want than bookswim. I went through my amazon wishlist and put books from there into my queues, and while there are many of those books that paperspine has that bookswim doesn’t, the only time bookswim has a book that paperspine doesn’t is if it’s a really popular hardcover.

    3. Although bookswim says it’ll buy a book if you want it and they don’t have it if it meets their requirements, the one time I tried this, I got kicked back even though the book definitely met all the requirements.

    4. I got a welcome letter with bookmarks and extra envelopes from paperspine, which was just a nice touch.

    5. Although I opened my accounts the same day, I have 2/2 of my paperspine books already, and 0/3 of my bookswim books. And (I assume this is because the service is new) both my books are brand new!

    6. You can have a 2 at a time option with paperspine, but bookswim starts at 3 at a time. I only really want 2 at a time, and of course that’s cheaper.

    7. And I love the referral system! If I refer a friend to paperspine, I get a free month. If I refer a friend to Bookspine, I get $5, and only if they stay for at least three months.

  2. dew said,

    Ugh! I just got my bookswim books today and have decided to cancel immediately and stick with paperspine!

    First, the books are super beat up.

    But worst of all, they sent ONE return envelope for three books. And there was an explanation. You have to keep book one until you finish book two, and return them together. Then you read book three while you wait. When book four arrives, though, you can’t return book three, because you have to use one envelope for it and book four. Um, NO.

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  4. dew said,

    Oh no! I just came over to get the link to your contest so I could post about it. I’m sorry I took so long. 😦 It’s this moving house thing; it’s crazy.

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