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June 29, 2008 at 5:36 am (Read-a-thon)

As you might have noticed, I’ve included a picture in almost all of my posts. Usually little things that were part of my read-a-thon day. So, your mini-challenge should you choose to accept it is to photograph something related to your read-a-thon experience and put it in a post w/ a caption. If you don’t have a digital camera, or it’s not working, just find something on the internet that approximates it. Or draw a cartoon in paint!

Well, I thought about this and couldn’t find anything more appropriate than this:


That just so happens to be a caffeine molecule (or, rather, a representation of one). Without the help of caffeine, I couldn’t have made it this far.

BTW, if you’re as much of a dork as I am, you can actually buy a shirt, a necklace, or a mug with this on it at Think Geek.

For somebody a bit more obsessed? You can see caffeine tattoos here, here, and here. And, of course, this is my preferred kind of caffeinated beverage (except that I prefer it out of a bottle – I can taste the can. Eww.)



  1. Trish said,

    I don’t drink very much soda (I used to drink a TON of it), but to me there is nothing better than an iced cold cokeinacan. It HAS to be from the can.

  2. bkclubcare said,

    Great pic – very inspired!

  3. Nymeth said,

    lol, a caffeine molecule…I love it!

  4. Megan said,

    That is very appropriate – very clever! 😀

    And that necklace, that is too great! I may be geeky enough for that, but I think I’d probably stop short of having the caffeine molecule tatooed onto me. Methinks that would be just a tad over the top….

    Keep up the great reading!

  5. Debbie Nance said,

    Very clever!

  6. Patti said,

    Congrats on being reader of the hour! Almost finished now. Keep up the great work!

  7. Erin said,

    Happy Reading!

  8. Bart said,

    Clever! Good luck with the last couple of hours!

  9. trish said,

    You’re doing so great! I’m so impressed with the people who’ve stayed up the WHOLE time! 😀

  10. Trish said,

    Holy tattoos! Those look mighty ouchy. I posted some challenge pictures–not really symbolic of anything I’ve been reading–just me. 🙂 Oh, and the cat of course.

  11. wendyrobards said,

    I really love that button! Congrats on being Reading of the Hour…you’ve been doing so well; how’d you stay up all night!??!?!

  12. wendyrobards said,

    Oh, that last comment was from me at

  13. wordlily said,

    Yay, reader of the hour!

    I love those molecule necklaces! I think I first saw them on Etsy, somewhere.

    Caffeine is my friend, too; I have been known to months-long breaks from it, but I always (so far, anyway) return.

  14. bybee said,

    I really love the cafeine molecule. Or however you spell it…

  15. alisonwonderland said,

    very creative! i like my caffeine as Diet Coke with Lime. 🙂

  16. Vasilly said,

    I have to get the shirt. I love your Read-a-thon button. Happy reading!

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  18. Eva said,

    What a perfect picture! How are you this clever so many hours in? Not fair! lol

  19. Trish said,

    Just finished my 4th book! Wow this was fun. Hang i there, its almost over.

  20. Tammy said,

    Love it! There’s nothing better than an ice cold Diet Coke and a dark chocolate bar (since the coke offsets the calories in the bar, of course). Hang in there — we’re almost done!!

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