Web comic mini-challenge

June 28, 2008 at 1:16 pm (Read-a-thon)

This one is for Nymeth’s Web Comic Challenge. We’re supposed to spend 10 minutes reading a web comic, then write about it.

The comic that I chose is Punch an’ Pie. My husband introduced me to this one a while ago, but I haven’t read it in a bit. It’s set in a bookstore and is about the crew that works there. Currently, the main storyline is about Angela being angry/frustrated with Molly for cheating on her fiance when she was drunk. There’s a bit more to it than that, but I’m hoping you’ll read the webcomic to find out.

I’m temporarily using IE because I was wasting time waiting for web pages to load when I could have been reading and/or commenting on read-a-thon posts. I will be using IE, I think, until I can con beg threaten plead pester convince my husband to fix the problem. Who knows… maybe I’ll fix it myself. I’m too frustrated right now, though.

And now, back to Anne Shirley’s adventures in Before Green Gables


1 Comment

  1. Nymeth said,

    Anne Shirley! I’m currently reading Anne of Avonela. She’s just great 🙂

    I wasn’t familiar with Pucn an’Pie. A bookstore, you say? That definitely interests me.

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