Becoming a Reader

May 15, 2008 at 9:13 pm (Weekly Geeks)

Weekly Geeks #3 – Fond Childhood Memories of Books

Here’s how you make a little girl fall in love with reading:

Read to her frequently. Don’t complain when she asks you to read the same book for the fiftieth time. Show her the pictures when you read, but make it more about the words. Befriend the Pokey Little Puppy. Buy her books even though you’re so poor that sometimes the electricity gets shut off. Become her Giving Tree. Encourage her to read. Go to pizza hut more often than you would normally, just so that she can redeem her “Book-It” prize. Read the entire “Little House” series out loud. Give her money to go to the book fair.  Help her find books she enjoys. Let her escape in books when she needs to. Tell people about how well she reads, where she can hear you but doesn’t think you know she’s listening in.

Sure, I have fond childhood memories of books. But I wouldn’t have those memories without having had the experience of becoming a reader. Reading has played such an important role in my life that the memories of becoming a reader are just as precious – if not more precious than – any memory I could have of reading any specific book.



  1. Laura said,

    I totally forgot about the “book-it” program until I read your blog! Whoever came up with that idea should be given a special award–I totally looked forward to reading my books, then getting my very own personal pan pizza. Mmmm…!

  2. Trish said,

    Hmmm, everyone keeps mentioning the LIttle House books–what did I miss out on? Reading outloud is such a powerful tool.

  3. ravenous reader said,

    I loved reading this…and the Little House books were a big part of my childhood reading life too 🙂

    I took my son to Pizza Hut for Book It prizes too! I think that was a great program for kids.

  4. Weekly Geeks #4 » The Hidden Side of a Leaf said,

    […] Thisredheadreads […]

  5. Deb said,

    My memory floodgates opened wide as I read your post. I remember my mom buying me the Little Golden Books when I was young (I know I am dating myself) ~and then she would read them over and over. My gram always gave me a book or two for the holidays. I found shelter in the town library on more than one occasion. I read to all of my children -and they read to me. They understood the power and importance of books. I have taught first grade and seventh grade – and the most important message I tried to impart to parents was to READ,READ, READ with your kids – on a daily basis. Shut off the TV and read. Thanks for writing such a powerful post.

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