Weekly Geeks #2 Wrap Up – and a Tip

May 9, 2008 at 3:48 pm (Weekly Geeks)

This week was interesting, as far as book blogging goes. I looked for people who had reviewed the same books I had and found a few. A few people found my reviews. But, this still being quite a young blog, I don’t have that many reviews up.

Have I found this useful? Yep. I’m still searching for my “voice” as far book blogging goes… I’m trying to keep my reviews helpful and yet not too stiff. Reading lots of other reviews has been helpful with that. It’s also been EXTREMELY helpful to see what other people have written about books that I’ve also written about.

Am I going to keep doing this? Absolutely.

Tip: I’m sure most of you know about it already, but you can search for other blog posts about the book you’ve read by going to Google Blogsearch and typing in the title of the book. I tend to use quotes and the author’s name as search parameters because there are some titles that are used for several different books. Also, that way it doesn’t search for the words of the title separately.  You can find nifty new-to-you blogs that way, as well.



  1. links for 2008-05-11 « delicious tags said,

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  2. Trish said,

    I use blogsearch sometimes as well as my google reader search box–but other times I can’t find much. When I first started blogging I loved reading others reviews of the books I just finished. I’ve sort of found my voice, but it’s difficult! I never know how much is too much information (and my reviews are relatively short). Bleh!

  3. Weekly Geeks #4 » The Hidden Side of a Leaf said,

    […] Thisredheadreads […]

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