Six Things About Me

May 3, 2008 at 6:38 pm (Memes)

I was tagged for the “six things” meme by Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage!.

Here are my six things:

  1. I have red hair. Yes, it’s natural. I used to hate it but not anymore.
  2. My husband and I are child-free by choice. I had my tubes tied when I was 21. It was probably that best thing I’ve ever done for myself. And I like to tell people that I’m fixed.
  3. I live in Seattle, just a couple of blocks from downtown. Most weeks, I stay within about a five mile radius. Most days, it is less than two miles. I can’t decide if I find that comforting or horrifying. Maybe both.
  4. I swear a lot. I mean a LOT. My husband says I use the “f” word like a comma. I try not to let any of it slip out while blogging.
  5. I collect snowglobes.
  6. My husband and I got married shortly after my 21st birthday. I wanted to wait till then because I’d told myself I would but also so we could serve alcohol. Then, to save money, we got married in a church where we couldn’t even have caffeine, let alone alcohol. (My father is Mormon and since I was baptized in the church – even though I’m not active in the church and, in fact, don’t even believe in the religion – we got the church for free.) We did, however, set up an Italian soda bar, which seemed to be a big hit.

Now I have to tag six bloggers:



  1. Trish said,

    Too funny–I was tagged earlier today and I have this meme already drafted and will probably post it tomorrow morning. 😉 I also grew up Mormon but haven’t practiced in years and years (I did go to Ricks my freshman year, but not by choice)–we didn’t get married in the church but she insisted that her bishop marry my husband and I. We did serve alcohol. Most of the Mormons left very very early–even before cutting the cake! Oh well…

  2. stephanie said,

    Hmmmmm……I’ll have to think about this one for a bit! It’s too early in the morning for me to put together anything coherent!!

    Thanks for the tag!

  3. Debi said,

    Ah, another childfree-by-choice reader here! My hubby and I discovered after we were engaged that neither of us really wanted kids. He got a vasectomy at age 30 (I was 25) and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made! Nice to “meet” you!

  4. chartroose said,

    Yummmm, Italian soda. I’ll take that over booze, anytime.

    How’d you manage to get your tubes tied at twenty-one? I had to fight like a banshee to get them to sterilize me at twenty-six. It was so infuriating because I already had two kids! The doctors treated me like I was a total imbecile. I’m still angry about it. GRRRR!

  5. Carl V. said,

    These were really fun. I suspect most kids feel that way about red hair but I just love red headed women and I think guys with red hair are really cool, so thankfully we grow out of some of our silliness as we grow older. I used to feel the same way about my curly hair, but not anymore. And the older I get I’m just thankful to have hair at all! 😉

    My daughter collected snowglobes for years and on my one and only trip to Seattle (it was wonderful…Tori Amos concert, fresh fish, whale watching trip and wandering around the city) I got her an incredible Seattle snowglobe.

    I think the art of a well placed “f” word cannot be understated.

    That is really funny about your wedding. That makes it memorable and the Italian soda bar sounds interesting.

  6. Laura said,

    I got married very shortly after my 21st birthday too! At the time, I didn’t think that was young, but looking back, I realize how young 21 is! No regrets though 🙂

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