Weekly Geeks #1: Discover New Blogs Week

April 28, 2008 at 9:00 am (Reading challenges, Weekly Geeks)

For this week’s “Weekly Geeks”, we’ve been encouraged to discover new blogs. We’re supposed to find five new blogs and hopefully comment on them. Since I’m actually fairly new to book blogging, almost everybody on this list was new to me. I’ve read several of them now, but here are the five I’m picking to write a little bit about:

 Trish’s Reading Nook – Trish recently posted about her shelves. I now have bookshelf and book envy. Even though I’ve cut down SIGNIFICANTLY on buying books, thanks to Paperspine, I still covet having all those books!! I also went and checked out her travel blog. As it turns out, last year she cruised on the cruise line I work for. It’s actually possible I met her last summer, depending on what day she came in and what airline as I did meet and greet at Sea-Tac airport last summer. It’s a small world after all. (And, at the risk of sounding stalker-ish, she and her husband look like a really cute couple!)

Leafing Through Life – Megan lives in Pennsylvania and suffers from the same problem that I do: too much to do and too much that she wants to read. Like me, she feels guilty when she has to click “mark all as read” on her feed reader – I know because she recently posted about it. I’ve added a few of the books that she has read to my “TBR list”. It grows faster than I can read, I tell you!!  

Stephanie’s Confessions of a Book-a-holic – Stephanie’s blog is awesome. I love the layout and her liberal use of pictures. Also, her “Me” portrait is pretty nifty. She is participating/has participated in a whole bunch of reading challenges. She has reviewed some pretty interesting books. She seems to strike that fine balance – her blog is definitely a “subject based blog” but she includes some personal things, which I really enjoy reading.

That’s the Book! – According to Aaron’s “About Me” page, he lives in Seoul, where he teaches English. I wanted to do that at one point – not necessarily Seoul, but teach English in a foreign country. His favorite bookstore there is called “What the Book?” Apparently, he likes to read outside during spring (at least, that’s what his last Booking Through Thursday answer said). I don’t do a lot of reading outside, but then again, I live in Seattle so I’m afraid the books would get damaged – you never know when it’s going to rain.



  1. Suey said,

    Hi there! I come to you from Dewey’s “Weekly Geeks” thing she’s got going on and I’m just doing my blog visiting at the moment. Yours looks a lot of fun and so I’m adding to my post! Yeah!

  2. ravenous reader said,

    Greetings to a new book blogger 🙂

    I like your site design (if you visit me at Bookstack you’ll understand why).

    I enjoyed reading your “readathon” memories. I recall similar experiences in my own school days!

    I’m off to check out your recommended “weekly geeks,” but I’m bookmarking you, so I’ll be back!

  3. janet said,

    Your selections are great,Yours looks a lot of fun and so I’m adding to my post!

  4. Trish said,

    Ha ha! Stalker! We had such a great time on our Alaskan Cruise–I’m wondering now if we saw you which would be crazy. I remember our bartender well–and our bus tour driver (because we went to the same college…not at the same time). Thanks for coming by earlier!

  5. Lisa said,


    I found you from a Weekly Geeks post and wanted to say hello. I have two book blogs myself- one at wordpress with friends http://ratherread.wordpress.com and one on blogger with some life stuff mixed in http://bookslistslife.blogspot.com, stop by and say hello!


  6. Megan said,

    Welcome to the book blogging! It’s nice to see some new faces. I’m not a total newbie to book blogging nor am I by any means an old hand, but until this week, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the book blogosphere, but alas no, there are a great many more book blogs to be discovered and added to my ailing feed reader – of which, yours is definitely one. Thanks for stopping by and for the link! 😀

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