Area 51 (the series of books by Robert Doherty)

April 15, 2008 at 5:31 pm (Book Reviews, Reading challenges, Spring Reading Thing) ()

I first came across this series a handful of years back and quickly devoured them. The books are, as you can probably tell, science fiction but they’re not “high” science fiction. I personally don’t enjoy sci-fi that is too into the technology. Don’t get me wrong, fantastic gadgets are… well, fantastic, but I don’t want to read something where I can barely remember what each piece of technology does. I want something that seems believable.

I could actually see all of this happening. It features many major landmarks and addresses things that I have wondered about, as have many others: How is it that there are pyramids not just in Egypt but also in far-away places like Central America? Who made the statues on Easter Island and how did they get there? Why are so many ancient written languages so similar when there’s no way they originated or were even influenced by the same source? What about Stonehenge? How was it created? What was it for? There are many “Atlantis” style stories – how is it that they’re so similar? Did such a place really exist? What about the face on Mars? Are UFOs real? Have we been visited by aliens? If so, why don’t we know about it?

The answer? Not only do aliens exist, but they visited Earth five thousand years ago – at least, that’s how it happened in these books. It was this alien species, the Airlia, who created the pyramids, the face on Mars, the Great Wall of China. Robert Doherty does an excellent job of weaving all of these bits and pieces together with bits of human history.

But are the Airlia really the good guys? Do they want to befriend earth, destroy it, conquer it, or just finally get off of this wretched rock? Each book is fantastic and keeps me wanting to read more. I finished the second book, The Reply, today and plan on finishing the series (although I’m going to probably rotate one of those books at a time with a book outside of the series).

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